New Mover ProgramsA New Mover program is a cost-efficient way to introduce your company and start a meaningful conversation with new movers in your target market. The program can be a single postcard or multi-touch programs that run throughout the year with different services and offers. We can combine all the different mailings, no matter where they are in the program and mail them efficiently for you every month.

People are always on the move and according to USPS, 17% of all households change yearly, so this opens up a huge market for local businesses to capture new business.

Targeted Mailing Lists

We offer comprehensive and targeted mail lists. The lists are compiled from hundreds of sources and extremely accurate.

New Mover ProgramsWouldn’t it be nice to greet people in the process of moving at their new address with information on your services? Consumers want personalization – more than just their name, we’ve done postcards with a map from their door to yours or a link to directions. You could also link to a video detailing your services through a QR code on the postcard.

If you target your offer to data that the client is interested in, response rates can be as high as 15 to 25 percent!

If your business or franchise is moving or opening in a new area – we can mail to everyone in a radius that you choose. We can also sort according to specific attributes – income, family size and hundreds of other data points.

Let us know if you are interested in doing a targeted mailing campaign!

QR CodesQR codes are back and they are really useful this time! Who would have thunk it?

Now that you can capture them with your phone and no QR code scanner is needed, they have exploded in marketing. More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers say that QR codes make life easier in a touchless world and 58% favor the greater use of QR codes.

QR Codes for Menus

I was recently in NYC and all the menus were touchless – just a QR code to order. I think we will see more of this as the variant spreads.

QR Codes for Loyalty Programs

QR CodesMake it easy for people to sign up for your loyalty program with a QR code, instead of having them to go to your website. They’re quick and error free – typing a URL is time-consuming and inconvenient on a mobile screen and consumers are also likely to make errors.

QR Codes in Print

Print based marketing has limitations in real estate space – with QR codes you can give consumers a way to access unlimited information. You can also change all the information behind the QR code anytime information or the offer changes without reprinting.

QR Codes to your Videos

You can engage your customer with rich content like video through a QR code – don’t just sell the product, include an informative video on how to use it. Video is very popular right now.

QR Codes for Promotions and Contests

QR CodesBy adding a QR code, you can make your promotions interactive and get input from your target audience. If you run a contest, have them register through the QR code for the product or event to allow your customers to participate. A good example is World Park in NYC – the codes were placed throughout the park and engaged visitors in a quiz on the park’s history, pop culture, art and music, science and geology.

QR Codes on Business Cards

Many of the business cards that we print now – have QR codes on the back so that someone can just capture their information and add it to their phone. Did you know that our portal can automatically generate a QR code with all of your information on the back of your card?

We used them years ago as a gimmick to reach our website, but I would never have guessed that they would come back and be so useful!