Are you looking to ease the pain of Trade Shows?

Trade ShowWe are currently working with a company that has 5,000 employees in more than 175 locations, serving all 50 states nationwide. They asked us to build a portal to ease the process for their marketing department. Hundreds of different items were available to all the offices, and they were also going through a re-branding of all their materials.

They needed a way to organize all the products and have a system where employees could reserve what they needed for upcoming trade shows and have everything that was reserved for the show shipped to them. The client also wanted a return label for the salesperson, so they didn’t have to travel home with all the materials.

Our IT department’s solution was to build a site with photos of all the materials that were available and a calendar that they could block out the items that they needed for a particular show. If someone needed a particular item that was already reserved, they had the opportunity to choose another item or order a comparable replacement from a catalog.

Planning with a Portal

Planning was an important step for people attending the trade show or they wouldn’t always get what they wanted.

Trade ShowOne of our other large clients also has a checklist on their portal for print and promotional items. The attendee can go down the list and check off everything they need for the show, along with a banner, backdrop or booth. We package all the items and ship them to the show with a return label.

Our clients can see, in real time, the quantity of any items that are on their portal. If needed, they can reserve a certain amount that they know they’ll need in the future.

While we constantly monitor the portal and have low stock alerts, the client will never run out of the items they need. No muss, no fuss!

If you would like to learn more about the efficiency of our marketing and distribution portals, you can learn more on our website or give us a call!

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