Kat Gets to Ring the Survivor’s Bell on March 8th. We’re so excited!!!

Kat Gets to Ring the Survivor's Bell!We are so incredibly grateful that Kat will be having her last treatment on March 8th and she will get to ring the Survivor’s Bell at KU Medical center. We will all be right there with her as she rings that bell!  We’re so incredibly happy for her.

The tradition of ringing the bell after cancer treatment is such a significant moment – a point in time that signals the end of treatment and being cancer free. The bell is often referred to as a Chemo Bell or Survivor’s Bell.

The videos of children and adults ringing the bell on YouTube are heart-warming….

Grace Rings the Chemo Bell at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Kathryn McDanielBell Ringing for Cancer Survivors

Bell ringing is now widespread among cancer clinics around the United States. The honoree rings the bell and often reads a wall-mounted poem alongside the bell.  This event is intended to provide a sense of closure to a very, very difficult experience.

If you haven’t come by to see Kat recently, please stop by to say hello and congratulate her on her upcoming bell ringing! Through her treatment, she has kept that incredible smile each and every day, even through the toughest of times. I literally do not know how she does it, she just does.

We are so thrilled to be RINGING THE BELL WITH KAT!!!

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