Lead to Read KC: Helping Children While Feeding My Soul

Michele Stillwell

Michele Stillwell

Post Author: Michele Stillwell, Marketing Distribution Portal Enthusiast | Marketing Guru | Accounting Shark | Lover of All Animals

What feeds your soul?

I absolutely know what feeds mine.

It’s having the opportunity to leave the office every Wednesday afternoon to go to Crossroads Academy Quality Hill and read with my little first grader as part of Kansas City’s Lead to Read initiative.

Lead to Read connects trusted, caring adult volunteers (Readers) with kids in grades 1 through 4 from every walk of life.

Once a week, for 30 minutes, readers and kids explore the world by reading books provided by the children’s’ teachers.

Lead to Read

It’s all done in the safety and security of an elementary school classroom.

I can’t tell you how gratifying this has been for me both personally and mentally.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of knowing that you are helping inspire a child to love to read.

I truly look forward to my Wednesday afternoons. To be honest, I wish it was longer than 30 minutes!

Either way, hopefully, my little first grader is getting inspired to read and knows how much I care about her future.

If you’d like to volunteer and become a Reader, click here for more information.

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