Top 10 Things that Prove You’re Sick of Winter

Kathryn McDaniel

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

At this point, I’m trying to look at the positive side of winter. Adjusting to colder weather is always hard, but when temperatures plunge and winter sets in, admit it – the cold makes you want to harm others.

There’s just something about the overcast skies, biting windchill and ice flakes hitting your face that seems so much more romantic in the movies… because in real life, it’s just plain painful.

Here are ten signs that you may be sick of winter:

  1. Dog in Sweater During WinterIsn’t it funny how your dog always needs to go for a walk on the coldest day of the year? I do like seeing cats and dogs in funny sweaters and booties, even if they don’t enjoy the humiliation.
  2. POTHOLES! We’ve been driving like drunk drivers for months. Unfortunately, even with all my weaving I still blew two tires and had to be towed to the dealership.
  3. You don’t get out from under the covers until the very last minute. When you do, another snow day is called and you’re home with “cabin fever” kids for another day.
  4. You’ve looked into moving somewhere warmer and have been 100% serious about it. I can’t believe I moved from Florida to Missouri – isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? And worst of all, your friend who moved to a warmer climate a few years back is posting pictures where it’s 85 degrees!
  5. You don’t even try to dress up or look nice – what’s the point? I’ve had on black leggings and snow boots for months.
  6. You’ve probably watched the same movies over and over again AND exhausted every series on Netflix and Hulu. Parents have heard the Frozen video so many times they think they’re going insane.
  7. You avoid going out or making plans on extra cold days – it’s called hibernation. The good news is that you can make homemade soup and cuddle up in front of the fire.
  8. You only feel disgust when you wake up to snow in your driveway. Enough with the snow angels, snowballs and sledding.
  9. You dream daily about Spring and a day when you can finally step outside without your face freezing and your body going numb. It’s coming…
  10. Any day that is even slightly warmer than 40 degrees puts you in a great mood. If the weather is even a tad warmer than usual, I’m completely happy. If the sun comes out, I’m ecstatic!

BUT, one day soon we’ll be saying Hello Spring because no Winter lasts forever. Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party!

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