Digital Printing

A need for speed. A need for higher quality. Larger output.

The cost of production is always important, but so are print quality and turnaround times. You get both of these at MEDiAHEAD. We strive to give our clients the best quality and the fastest turnaround at a competitive cost.

Our press produces 6,000 A4/letter 5/0 sheets per hour (100 pages per minute).

It has a 5 – Color Configuration with these options:

  • Dimensional Coating Solutions
  • Intelligent Color Solutions, gamut expansion (choice of red, green, or blue)
  • Intelligent Glossing Solutions
  • Light Black HD Dry Ink
  • Gold Dry Ink
  • Clear Dry Ink
  • Opaque White Dry Ink
  • Metallic Clear Dry Ink
  • The fifth imaging unit can be gold, dimensional, glossing, gamut expansion, red fluorescing, light black and clear.

Wide Range of Substrate Types

We can now print a wide range of substrate types, size, weights and thicknesses for application flexibility.

  • 16 lb. up to 130 lb. uncoated
  • 20 lb. up to 130 lb. coated
  • Up to 24 pt substrates

We offer longer sheets with our new press as well

  • Sheet sizes 14 x 20.7 (imageable area 13.4. x 20)
  • Sheet size 14 x 48 (imageable area 13.4 x 47.61)
MEDiAHEAD Digital Press