Cross-Media Campaigns

With our customized marketing platform, we can help you deliver your message across multiple media channels.  The ultimate goal of your marketing campaign is to have a two-way personalized dialogue with customers through the medium of their choice – right?

As you learn more about your customer, wouldn’t you like to reflect that information throughout your communications to them?  Well, you can.  We offer a cross-media marketing solution spanning print, web, email and mobile communications that allows you to transform that relationship into a loyal and strategic one.

  • Stay on top of industry trends by integrating mail, email, web and SMS touch-points
  • Increase your return on investment and improve your response rate with predictive modeling
  • Reduce costs with data-driven marketing
  • Gather data to build up your database for future campaigns
  • Build customer loyalty and transition customers into brand ambassadors
  • Test and monitory your campaigns
  • Receive an email notification each time someone hits your PURL web page
  • Track clicks of each person to see their interests
  • Send automatic response emails to individuals who have taken action on your site
  • Track and monitor your traffic sources
  • Expand your campaign to email marketing and newsletters