Women-Centered Marketing

It’s been a summer for women, at least from an economic perspective. Female audiences have ruled the box office with Barbie, and live events With Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

Women have held a lot of economic power for years – there are more of us in the workforce, and we have all had wage increases compared the last decade. With more money and control over how we spend our money than ever before, we are spending it on goods and experiences that align with our personal interests.

It’s no wonder that Barbie, Beyonce and Taylor Swift have seen so much success.

Women-Centered MarketingBeyonce and Taylor Swift focused on women’s empowerment and used social media effectively to rally their female audience around their tours. Spending encompassed not only tickets, but hotels, restaurants, travel and sparkly clothes! My friends and I all bought fun outfits to go to the Barbie movie, and it was packed with other friends doing the same thing.

No wonder the movie has grossed $1.342 billion and is the highest-grossing film in Warner Bros.’ history.

Women’s sports have also had a record-breaking year, record views and sponsorships. The women’s FIFA World Cup brought in Record viewership across the globe.

Because of this success, marketers will rush to push pink and sequined merchandise.

They’re missing the point of marketing to women. It’s not about pink – it’s that when customer groups feel seen, heard and understood, they show up in a big way.

Barbie, Beyonce and Taylor Swift showed us that it’s always a big marketing win when you can make that happen.

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