By Izzy, the lovable mascot and driving force for success at MEDiAHEAD

Izzy head shotHey, it’s IZZY! Did you miss me? It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been so busy with work and all, I am so sorry!

I have to share an experience with you. Something happened recently that almost killed me. Well not really, but I was so incredibly sick. Self induced food poisoning. It was horrible.

Friday Lunch

Every Friday, the office orders lunch and eats together. I think this is just a wonderful thing. I usually participate by sitting on the floor and begging in my usual way, looking for scraps and such. No one was budging this day, because it was pizza (I guess) and they love pizza.

After everyone was done eating, they accidentally left the remaining pizza on the conference room table. Just for ME! So… I jumped up on the chair and got onto the table and helped myself to a pizza buffet! It was so delicious, I just had a wonderful time and no one was even looking. After eating as much as I possibly could, I jumped down and ran around the office to check on everyone’s productivity like I normally do.

Then it hit me… yikes, the pizza wasn’t settling well. Before you know it, the pizza… you know, well… I don’t want to go into the details. Apparently, pizza expands in your stomach. My humans should have told me that.

Izzy Eats Too Much Pizza

Take a look at the picture… I look like a bowling pin with legs and ears. I was not feeling well at all. I lost all my energy and I thought I was going to have to go to the doggy hospital; the rest of the afternoon wasn’t much fun.

Then I got busted.

Kat found my paw prints on the table in the conference room… and the jig was up! Everyone knew I had gotten into the pizza. Hey, they left it just for me, right!?!?! Now I understand that it really wasn’t left for me. What an insidious trap. Dogs should not eat PIZZA!

I feel much better now though. Well enough to tell you the story at least. Thank you for your condolences and well wishes.

Til next time!

– Iz

Izzy and PepperPost Author: IZZY

Hey, it’s IZZY! We haven’t talked in quite a while.  I’ve just been so busy keeping things moving at work.

One day my friend Pepper came to the office. We love to play. And boy do we play hard. Then we like to take a break and lay on the soft blanket. (Hey, it’s a dog’s life after all!)

As you can see, I chew on my bone. Pepper does NOT get my bone. She can only watch me chew on MY bone.

Truth be told, I’m really not too good at sharing, but Pepper doesn’t mind one bit.

It’s great having Pepper around as she can help me keep an eye on things, smell the floor, look out the front door and greet all the people that come in to visit. All of these are critical jobs at MEDiAHEAD.

We also keep everyone company at lunchtime. It’s our favorite time of the day!  I always like to show her which people have “the good stuff”, but unfortunately I’ve heard her keepers don’t let her have human food. (total bummer!)

That’s really a shame as some human food is super good.

Pepper doesn’t get to come too often, but when she does, we have a great old time!

Thanks for reading my post. I worked really hard on it. Now back to my bone…

Til next time,


izzy paw

Izzy gogglesPost Author: IZZY

Hey, it’s me again!

This is my second blog and oh boy is it a good one!

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m now a proud scooter-owner.  YES! You heard that correctly… I have a scooter.

My daddy (aka Bill) puts me in his backpack and drive because apparently they won’t let dogs drive these days. (What’s the world coming to?)

I like to tell Bill where to go. Most of the time, we head around the block and my sniffer goes into overdrive with all of the wonderful smells.

Izzy on the scooter

What are my favorite smells you ask?

I love the smell of the fresh air, fresh cut grass, and flowers blooming.

Oh, and I can detect anything. In fact, I’m sure there’s a new pup in my hood who I’ll need to meet soon.

We also ride the scooter to MEDiAHEAD.

I can always tell when we get closer to the office.

I get really excited because my work will begin when I get there. I’m just so busy, but hey, I love what I do.

Check us out on the video below! (I absolutely love the fresh air blowing through my ears. It’s good for my doggy soul.)

I hope you stop by to see me soon!

And, if you’re lucky, you might just catch me on my scooter!



izzy paw




Izzy head shotPost Author: IZZY

Hey, it’s IZZY here and man oh man is my life FUN! Especially when I get to spend the day at MEDiAHEAD.

This is my first-ever blog post and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you a bit about my day when my daddy (WC aka Bill) brings me into the office.

First, I run like the wind as fast as I can through the halls just to let everyone know I’ve arrived! (I really want them to know the boss is around).

Second, I go to each office to smell the floor and look around to see if there’s anything I need to clean up from the prior day. It’s one of my many important jobs and is critical to the overall success of the company.

Third, I take a rest. Look, it’s really hard being the boss of everyone at MEDiAHEAD.

After all of that is done, I take on hall duty. This is an important part of the day, as I lay in the hall, watch the breakroom door, and wait patiently for lunch to begin.

Then I follow everyone into the lunchroom to ensure they get their lunch and I’m right there to clean anything up that they drop.

Izzy hall watching

I also occasionally follow people to their offices, using my sad puppy eyes to successfully secure a little snack from their lunch (I have them right in the palm of my paw).

After lunch, it’s obviously time for me to curl up in an office chair and take my afternoon nap.

Rest assured, I always keep one eye open and my ears are trained to listen for the glorious sound of someone opening up a bag of popcorn. I can hear it a mile away.

Sometimes I decide to walk on desks to check for anything I would like to eat. I figure if it’s left out on the desk then it’s fair game, right?

My life is really tough, but I have to admit that I love coming into the office every day and letting people know that the boss cares and loves them all.

The next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see me!

P.S. Someone started a nasty rumor that I snore really loud, but I don’t believe it for a second.


izzy paw