Izzy has some sad news to share…

Izzy Barking at Mo

Hi guys. It’s Izzy. And this month I have some sad news to share.

My friend Monkey (we called her Mo) passed away a few weeks ago. She was the best cat friend a dog could ask for. I terrorized her daily, but I loved her so much. I still run around the house searching for her every day.

The last few days, Monkey couldn’t walk, so I stayed on the couch and cuddled with her all day and night till she passed.

My parents got some advice on how to deal with my grief.

  1. They talk to me in a calm and upbeat voice, even though it’s hard for them to cope with their own loss.
  2. We’re engaging in new activities. This helps me focus on something new and distract me from the loss of Mo and the uncertainty surrounding it.
  3. We’ve been doing some fun and enjoyable things, like going to the park. It helps me emotionally and makes my parents feel better too.
  4. The vet told them if I show signs of separation anxiety or depression that they should bring me in for a checkup (I HATE going to the vet).
  5. And the best thing of all – I get to go to the office to see my friends every day!!

Izzy and Mo - Best Friends Izzy and Mo - Best Friends Izzy and Mo - Best Friends

One thing that hasn’t changed is my appetite.

Izzy Eats Too Much PizzaI still scour the office every day for any unsupervised snacks. I think I’m getting a little extra because they know I’m sad. I even got some pizza last Friday!

Monkey lived for 20 years, which is a long time for my best friend.

I will miss her so much!


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