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How Sales Professionals Use MEDiAHEAD Portals

By LeRay Warrior, Principal at MEDiAHEAD. Sales teams are critical to the success of any organization. But how a sales team is supported by their marketing department (particularly for those businesses with reps on the road) can make all the difference in securing leads and closing deals. By centrally locating marketing materials in one portal, […]

Top O’ The Mornin to Ya! (From me… IZZY!)

Hello. It’s Iz! I love holidays, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! Yeah, green eggs and ham, green beer and just all-around green fun! (I really don’t drink beer.) So why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? People believed that by wearing green it made you invisible to leprechauns. If you didn’t have […]


Our Local Treasure, Tom Corbin

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD. Last year I was blessed to work with Tom Corbin and Julia Velasquez on Tom’s new coffee table book, Tom Corbin Continued. It had been thirteen years since the printing of his first book and his new book follows how he has continually grown and evolved over the last […]

Hi everybody! It’s me, Izzy. Happy Valentine’s Week!

Hello there! It’s me, Iz. I haven’t written in quite some time. And I’m writing this blog from my office (this is a huge chair!) Anyway, I wanted to share a little history about Valentine’s Day with you and send you all a BIG KISS from me just in case you needed one. (Who doesn’t […]

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A good friend helps others. Fundraising for The Mission Project.

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD. I started working with The Mission Project this year because my stepson is autistic and participates in their program. The Mission Project allows adults with disabilities to live independently in their own apartments in Mission, Kansas. The Mission Project’s vans drive them to their jobs, one of the requirements […]

Why Celebrating Other Women Makes You More Successful

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD. I’m going to Mexico with 120 women from the Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business (WWMB). I feel so fortunate to be in this group with so many accomplished women. There are many women’s groups available, but these women have always stood solidly behind me. My Support Team They […]