Holy Chew Toy! Izzy wanted to share a recent development…

Izzy - Fav Blue ToyHowdy! It’s Izzy.

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing.

If you’re wondering, I am doing fine but had a bit of a scare this last month. I sounded like a goose when I barked. That was just not right! I thought I might have caught the (you know what). Luckily that wasn’t it.

What I had was really bad though… turns out I had a collapsed trachea. Holy Chew Toy! Have you ever heard of that? I guess it’s kind of common for pups like me.

It was caused by pulling a bit too hard on my collar when I go out for my walks. What can I say? I get a bit too excited to see and sniff.

Needless to say, I had to go on some medicine for a while. But guess what? I got a new collar! It’s called a harness. So now when I pull with all my might, the puppy power is distributed to my shoulders! I guess I didn’t know my own strength.

While I was sick, I couldn’t play ball, or run, or get too excited and it was extremely boring. Trying to keep a dog down, or keep a dog from playing with their most favorite toy, it’s pure torture. I know, I lived it.

Here I am with my new digs and my favorite toy. I’m taking it easy now, but still have to make sure the presses at MEDiAHEAD are rolling along. I just checked, and everything is flying along so I’m going to take a much deserved nap. Being the plant manager is hard work!

Until next time.
– Iz izzy paw

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