A Weather Advisory from your friend Izzy.

Izzy head shotI’m so glad it’s warming up, aren’t you? I’m just going to throw this out there that some dogs love warm weather, and some dogs love cold weather.

Me? I’m a warm weather dog for sure. Just look at me! I’m small, have very thin hair, and I’m super vulnerable to hypothermia. I absolutely have to wear a jacket and booties when I go out in the snow.

Do I like the booties, absolutely not! My humans captured it all in a video. I look ridiculous.

I prefer Spring and Fall to be completely honest.

The temps during these seasons make me feel happiest.

Some dogs adapt really well to the cold, like the ones with all the fur. I heard that during the cold spell, they actually go outside and just lay in the snow. What? Not me. I’m in and out, quicker than you can say, “Izzy”.

It’s always good to monitor your loving pets when they’re out in the elements. Especially as summer is coming up and it get really hot. I know I get hot in the summer. Did you know a dog’s temperature should never be over 104 degrees?

Did you know that temperature plays a part in our moods?

Izzy's Friend

When the weather gets hot, certain breeds are less heat tolerant than others and bronchial issues can become more pronounced (I had to have help with some of those words…) Some dogs might get a bit snappish in very hot weather and may need more space and less interaction.

I know a dog that freaks out during storms. He pants, shakes and goes in circles. He knows the storm is coming way before it arrives. His humans give him a treat with a calming agent in it and he seems to do much better.

So a word of advice from a dog’s point of view… If your super cool pet gets grumpy in the heat, don’t worry.

Here are some things you can do to make them feel better.

  • Don’t let your human take you for walks during the hottest part of the day
  • Make sure you have plenty of fresh water and shade at all times
  • Get a cooling mat – or kiddie pool to swim in
  • Lay yourself in front of a fan or the ac vent
  • Never have your owner leave you in an enclosed vehicle
  • Watch your paws on the sidewalks, street, sand or hot surfaces

Happy Spring and Summer you guys! Stay safe and cool!

Love, Iz
izzy paw

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