Hello. Is it Spring Yet?

Michele StillwellBy Michele Stillwell, Director of Marketing and Accounting at MEDiAHEAD

Holy cow, can you believe this weather?!? Well, at least Spring is just around the corner. March 20th is the official first day of Spring in 2021. Let’s close our eyes and picture green grass, flowers popping up, birds singing, kids laughing and playing outside. How about sitting outside to eat again and being able to breathe in all that fresh air? Oh my gosh, I can’t wait.

Spring Checklist

GardeningI love Spring! It’s time to start planting now, get your hands dirty and buy those little starter planters. You know the ones. Get your seeds for your flowers or veggies, or you can just grow some herbs if you like. (They will take that pan seared chicken to a new level.) Start now and it will give you something to look forward to.

Spring cleaning… not something I look forward to, but nice to have completed. Discard those unnecessary items that have piled up over the winter. Clean out the closets, basement, attic or just a corner of the house. Donate to a local shelter all your unwanted items. They would love to have them!

Think about the extra hours of sunlight. Oh yeah! The longer days means there is more time to spend outside, on nature walks, bird watching, walking the dog(s), sitting on the deck, going to the park and spending time with your family.

(I really hope you are visualizing this with me. I’m trying to picture all of this in my mind as the temperature outside is a whopping 9 degrees.)

Spring Bird WatchingOk let’s keep going. Oh, how about the lilacs blooming and all the wonderful smells? Yes, driving down the road with the windows down… and what great smells you get of all the blooming trees and bushes.  The dogwoods, Redbud, Magnolia and sweet Mimosa.

Dining out again! Do you remember those days? Great weather means dining out! Yes, we get to be with our friends and family and sit outside and enjoy eating, barbecuing and just having fun.

So, I say we need to look ahead and focus on all the good that’s coming. Nice spring days, warmer weather (really soon) and getting to be outside and enjoying time with our family and friends once again.

SPRING!!! It really is just around the corner.

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