Silver Lining of the Pandemic

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

Zoom CallsThe pandemic created a silver lining for me and that was getting to know my clients in a different way.

During our zoom calls, the cameras provided a glimpse into our personal lives and made people more human after seeing where they live and work. I was able to meet their pets and sometimes their young children.

This happening before the pandemic might have felt like the end of the world if a child or husband walked into the room or interrupted my presentation.

A year later, we don’t even notice when their cat crawls up their back or a child interrupts because they are hungry or thirsty. I’m able to see into their homes and offices – what kind of sports they follow, what kind of art there is and it all just seems so much more personal.

Tech Support!

Soon, we will be able to get together again!It was also pretty hilarious as people were learning to use zoom. How many times have you yelled “turn on your microphone” or you can only see the top of their head.

My 26 year old daughter, who was quarantined with us, was constantly rolling her eyes bursting into the room yelling “TECH SUPPORT!”

Despite all this, most of us were able to find the beauty in continuing our relationships remotely. I think because of the pandemic we are more open and vulnerable and had to let go of the small stuff, like being perfect.

I’m ready for some serious outdoor time when it’s warm and of course less zooms, but I feel like I have grown closer to my clients and that I will always cherish.

Cheers to 2021 and and seeing you on a patio somewhere my friend!

Kat McDaniel



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