By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

Please welcome Betsy to MEDiAHEAD!I have known Betsy since I started in business thirty years ago. She was always the one to go to when you had a hard time finding a particular promotional item. We are thrilled with her extensive experience and all the vendors that she has relationships with.

Betsy is a mom to a daughter and two dogs, one a very loud Husky, (and Miss Frankie Beans is looking forward to having another friend in the office.) Last year she welcomed her first grandbaby, a sixteen-month energetic boy, who keeps her in shape – her nickname for him is Godzilla.

Over the years Betsy has helped companies with their promotional product “footprint.” She is a logo nerd and enjoys being creative. She is often asked for advice on the best approach to add a logo to a particular product.

She can usually name a pen brand/manufacturer in two guesses and claims to be a cup/pen/bag snob. She loves finding closeouts for clients and hates paying retail. On the flip side, she will not sacrifice quality to save money and jeopardize a brand or logo.

Melissa is still here but will primarily be working on Terracon – they keep her super busy with all their trade shows.

Please reach out to Betsy if you want to customize an item that will make your company memorable.

p.s. on a more personal note – Betsy is the friend that went to all 26 cancer treatments I had in 2019. She’s a keeper.

Please welcome Betsy to MEDiAHEAD!

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

8 Food and Beverage Trends at Expo WestThis show was crazy – some 3,000 brands and 80,000 people converged in Anaheim, CA recently for the annual  natural products extravaganza. There were several trends showcased, all of which are making their way to us through retailers. And, congrats to all the brands that keep changing the food we eat for the better.

One trend that made me happy was the absence of artificial sweeteners, like saccharin and aspartame. Most companies are switching to natural sugars like dates, honey, maple syrup, agave, and fruit purees. I tested products all day long and I can assure you – they were delicious!

Matcha. Yummy.

One habit I picked up at the show was matcha – energy without the shakes. As soon as I returned to Kansas City I ordered a case of taika Matcha Latte and MatchaKo lemonade. Millennials and Gen Zers are drifting away from caffeine and looking for products that provide the buzz without the jitters.

Back to Basics

Many products are moving back to basics. Aren’t we all tired of picking up a product in the grocery store that has 25 ingredients, most of which we cannot pronounce? Why not just have fruit in a jar, instead of the product being jammed with sugar and laboratory ingredients.


8 Food and Beverage Trends at Expo WestNostalgia was big. Remember all the foods your mom used to buy or cook for you as a kid? They’re back and tapping into those fond memories. Remember Neapolitan ice cream, chocolate sauce and zucchini bread? Brands are having fun exploring and recreating experiences.

NABs, Wine and Spirits

Non-alcoholic beverages have come a long way and were on display everywhere at the show. My favorite Gia and Seedlip dominated, but I was also introduced to many small brands that are emerging. Wine, craft beer – even Guinness was there with a dark beer. Spirits, ready to drink beverages with adaptogens to manage stress and restore balance – even amaro’s. The N/A beverage movement got its start in the natural channel and continues to thrive as evidenced by the show.

I must admit the show, so many people, the traffic in LA and parking were something I had never experienced before, but I can’t wait to go back next year!