Please welcome Betsy to MEDiAHEAD!

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

Please welcome Betsy to MEDiAHEAD!I have known Betsy since I started in business thirty years ago. She was always the one to go to when you had a hard time finding a particular promotional item. We are thrilled with her extensive experience and all the vendors that she has relationships with.

Betsy is a mom to a daughter and two dogs, one a very loud Husky, (and Miss Frankie Beans is looking forward to having another friend in the office.) Last year she welcomed her first grandbaby, a sixteen-month energetic boy, who keeps her in shape – her nickname for him is Godzilla.

Over the years Betsy has helped companies with their promotional product “footprint.” She is a logo nerd and enjoys being creative. She is often asked for advice on the best approach to add a logo to a particular product.

She can usually name a pen brand/manufacturer in two guesses and claims to be a cup/pen/bag snob. She loves finding closeouts for clients and hates paying retail. On the flip side, she will not sacrifice quality to save money and jeopardize a brand or logo.

Melissa is still here but will primarily be working on Terracon – they keep her super busy with all their trade shows.

Please reach out to Betsy if you want to customize an item that will make your company memorable.

p.s. on a more personal note – Betsy is the friend that went to all 26 cancer treatments I had in 2019. She’s a keeper.

Please welcome Betsy to MEDiAHEAD!

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  1. Julie Rudman
    Julie Rudman says:

    Got tears in my eyes when I saw your cancer photo with Betsy. I don’t know if that was breast cancer or another kind, but I’m sorry you’re one of us. You are lucky to have such a devoted friend. On another note, I have an idea for something I’d like to have printed for when we do cancer events. I’d like to see about making a flag (a big one but also some little ones) with our logomark, which is a 3:5 rectangle, like a flag. And I will probably need something promotional, though what that could be is a head-scratcher, because even I don’t want something that says breast cancer on it. 😉 Can I get connected with Betsy in the next week or two? Thanks, Julie Rudman


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