Shipping during the pandemic – Where are the 20,000 bottles we ordered???

Michele StillwellBy Michele Stillwell, Director of Marketing and Accounting at MEDiAHEAD

Oh My GOSH. I’m not sure if you have experienced shipping problems recently, but we sure have.

We needed to do something fast. We saw COVID-19 hitting and knew that the industry was going to suffer. Kat had a great idea to sell branded hand sanitizer, face masks and COVID-19 safety kits. Great idea, right? Have you ever tried to get plastic 2-ounce, 6-ounce, or any ounce bottles during a Pandemic? I can tell you… it’s literally impossible!

We finally found a vendor who could get us 20,000 of the 2-ounce bottles with lids. Happy day for us! But it was going to take 4-6 weeks to get them. In the meantime, we had a supplier for some small amounts of bottles here and there, coming in from anywhere we could get them, to fulfill our orders.

MEDiAHEAD Branded COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Bottles

So back to the 20,000 and tracking every day….

Where are the bottles?

They got held up in you guessed it… US Customs! Meanwhile, orders are coming in and we are really needing to get these bottles. I’m tracking the shipment every day, still sitting in customs. We’re getting nervous waiting on the big order of 20,000 bottles to come in.  I could tell they were finally moving.  The truck was in transit, thank the Lord above!

We received our bottles about 8 weeks after we placed the order. When the boxes came in, Kat, Bill and I rushed to the loading dock and started opening the boxes to look at all the bottles. YAY!!! But where are the lids? Oh no… did they forget to send the lids for crying out loud?

MEDiAHEAD Branded COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer BottlesWe were frantic at this point. The very last box was still on the dock and guess what, it was filled with nothing but the missing lids. WHEW!

So, we have lots of hand sanitizer and lots of 2-ounce bottles. If you are needing some for your office we can even get your logo placed on the bottles. Go to for more information and you can place an order here!

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