Embellishment and Effects in Labeling


By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

With our new equipment, we have the capabilities to print a wide range of embellishments and effects.

  • Hot Foil – this method of foiling can achieve finer and higher quality detail. Hot foil has a premium, luxurious effect to communicate quality.
  • Cold Foil – an alternative method of foiling that is more cost effective than hot foil due to lower set up costs.
  • Emboss – an effect created by raising a design or image from the label surface to give it a tactile feel or highlight certain design elements or patterns.
  • Lamination – the entire label can be finished in either gloss or matt coating.
  • Metallic Ink – metallic inks are used to create a similar effect to foil, via the shine of the metallic particles found in the ink.
  • Specialty Inks:
    • Scratch n Sniff – a wide range of custom and stock scents.
    • Glitter – glitter infused coatings.
    • Black light – the effect is revealed under UV or black light.
    • Glow in the dark – used for security or novelty.

Why Embellishments?

Embellishment and Effects in LabelingLabel embellishments can help differentiate a brand from competitors.

Research has shown that when brands implement packaging that can involve 2 or more of the human senses, sales of that product go up. The goal of any package design is to a consumer to pick up a product, turn it over in their hands, and to promote positive feelings. An effective package is creative, looks great on the shelf, and effectively communicates to a consumer in under 7 seconds.

Our team has extensive expertise in all things related to labels. We would love to meet with you to discuss your needs, share our knowledge and develop a solution designed specially for you! Please give us a call.

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