Have you ever heard of a Fax Blast?

By Michele Stillwell, Director of Marketing and Accounting at MEDiAHEAD

Fax BlastWhat is a Fax Blast? Well, it’s a process where we send out the same message via fax to several different fax numbers. Fax blasts are often used for sales prospecting, sending out flyers to healthcare or veterinarian offices or for surveys. You can send news releases, newsletters, or business updates. Fax blasting is much more efficient than entering fax numbers and sending them one at a time!

We help our clients with FAX blasts and they can be really effective.

During these “work from home” days, why not try something new? Fax blasts may sound old fashioned, but they aren’t. Plenty of businesses still have fax lines. Studies show great results, especially for the healthcare or veterinarian vertical markets.

In fact, the utilization of fax in healthcare is almost universal. Up to 90% of all healthcare organizations still use faxes despite efforts to replace them with other processes. Healthcare organizations still rely on the fax machine to exchange information quickly and reliably. Fax is the workhorse of healthcare communications because it works, its secure, and it has universal adoption across all medical industries.

Does a Fax Blast support transmission verification?

Yes. We can help you keep accurate records with the transmission verification report we send. We also provide a log of the date and time each fax was sent, the number of pages transmitted, and a confirmation that each blast was successfully sent.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s talk about how a Fax Blast can support your sales efforts!

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