It’s Me! Miss Frankie Bean!

Miss Frankie BeanBy Miss Frankie Bean, MEDiAHEAD Mascot and Instagram Model

Hello friends! Would you believe this is my very first blog post for MEDiAHEAD? I’ve been the mascot here for a few months now… but out of respect for Izzy, I wanted to put some time in before I tried to fill her author paws in our blogging efforts. (And we all still miss having Izzy around, although I don’t miss her jumping up on my desk and eating all my food or drinking my coffee.)

The time has come for me to start adding my stories to the mix. So here we gooooo!

First of all, as a younger mascot, I’m a bit more up to speed on popular social media sites. I’m well on my way to becoming Instagram Famous and you can follow me on Instagram right here! Okay, 88 followers might not be a lot, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Miss Frankie BeanAs you can tell in some of the pictures, I am a bit more fabulous than Izzy was… I’m all girl. I have an amazing runway walk, even though I’m a bit of a chunky monkey.

And yes, I love to do The Zoomies in our back yard as well. Maybe the doggielympics are in my future?

Anyway, I will continue to bring stories from the perspective of our shop floor in the coming months. I’m so glad to be on the team here at MEDiAHEAD!

Sniffs and Slobbers,


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