Why did IT Matters, JEDunn and Hawaiian Bros work with us for their marketing portals?

MEDiAHEAD Marketing Portals60% of marketers have indicated they are set to increase their marketing technology spending in the next 12 months.

Investments in marketing platforms or portals are directly related to our working from anywhere.

Online portals help marketers streamline their processes and take a systematic approach to their day-to-day activities. Giving employees access to a portal that allows them to produce their own business cards, download a logo, a presentation or any repetitive task can be a huge timesaver for marketing departments.

As remote work becomes more commonplace, access to this technology makes it easier for teams to share marketing assets, regardless of physical location.

Without question, our marketing portal offers notable benefits to companies and their sales team.

MEDiAHEAD Marketing PortalsWhen your sales team is distributed, synchronized communication becomes more difficult. With a customized portal, team members that are geographically distributed and even in other time zones have access to all the marketing materials that have been updated by your marketing team. It’s an immediate response for them if they need to download a presentation or a PDF of the product they’re pitching.

The tightening of budgets is also a direct result of COVID-19. Marketers need to manage their budgets closely, adapt to reductions in staff and make strategic cuts. In an environment where efficiency is paramount, the right platform can help provide insights into what the sales team wants, and can help illuminate the best path forward.

Building a marketing asset portal can help your sales team create a loyal and profitable customer base with the tools they need… all in one place.

Let us buy you a cup of coffee. We’ll show you examples of how we’ve helped marketing teams save time and money, and most importantly, stay on brand!

MEDiAHEAD Marketing Portals

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