Value PropositionGot a product or service to sell? Then your company has value beyond the sale. Innovative companies communicate this value, directly and indirectly, every time they send a direct mail piece, blast an email, or design packaging for their products. How do they do that? It starts with creating a value proposition.

Create a value proposition.

A value proposition is what your company promises to deliver should people choose to buy your product. Ideally, it is something distinctive to you.

Let’s say you are a boutique furniture store selling pieces crafted from reclaimed wood, metal, or architectural salvage. Your value proposition might be: “We offer unique pieces that fit your style while reducing the burden on our landfills.” Your customers could buy furniture anywhere. By communicating your value proposition, you are explaining why they should come to you. This concept applies to any market. If you’re a plumber, your value proposition might be, “We show up within a 15-minute window—or your money back.” If you’re a dental office, it might be, “We are the friendliest dental practice in town.”

Fulfill on that promise—every time.

Once you communicate your value proposition, fulfill it every time. Fill your dental office with happy, colorful wall stickers and train your staff to serve with a smile, even when they’re having a terrible day. Always have a backup plan in case a plumbing job runs long. By ensuring consistency between your marketing message and your customers’ experience, you create a sense of trust and loyalty. In a world filled with uncertainty, that has value far beyond the products and services themselves.

Speak to customers based on that value proposition.

Reinforce that value in your marketing images and messaging. “By purchasing from us, you have helped to keep 3,000 pounds of scrap wood, metal, and glass out of the landfill.” Create brochures with images of children with dazzling smiles and parent testimonials about the helpfulness of your dental staff. On your direct mail pieces, add online reviews about the promptness of your plumbing service.

By communicating a value proposition and creating consistency between that value and your customer experiences, you develop loyal customers who trust you—and who keep coming back.

Interested in learning more about MEDiAHEAD’s value proposition? We would love to talk with you!

2021 Gift GivingThis holiday season – why not use your money to change someone’s life? Because my children are older, and my family doesn’t exchange gifts anymore, we’ve decided to make this holiday the holiday of giving to others.

We’re going to the extreme… No tree, no lights, no presents and just spending lots of quality time together. We will be donating to multiple charities that each family member gets to choose.

At a certain age, it becomes hard to make wish lists because you have everything you need. There are so many others that have needs this year.

GlobalGiving LogoThere is a wonderful organization called GlobalGiving that makes it even easier to connect with the people that need your help. You can go online and buy gift cards to give to friends and family so that they can donate to vetted local changemakers who are making the world a better place. There are also many worthwhile organizations to donate your time and resources to in Kansas City.

Lead to Read LogoTutor children in reading.

Learning to read is magical – and a child that can read well by 3rd grade is much for likely to succeed in school. Check out Lead to Read – it’s only 1 hour out of your week to help a child during the school year.

Be a child advocate.

Jackson County CASAI worked with CASA for years – it’s a big commitment, but one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. I still think about my “kids” often.

Be a mentor.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas CityBig Brother Big Sisters of Kansas City matches adults with children and young adults to provide mentoring, so they can attain their goals and dreams.

Join a group that donates Christmas presents for kids – I still love shopping for this. I miss surprising my kids with toys from Santa!

So often in the world, we buy each other trinkets or things we don’t really need. Why not live the values of the season and lift yourselves and others with these transformational gifts?