Kashi Plantable Book: The Coolest Job We’ve Ever Produced

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

Kashi Plantable Wooden BookA few years ago, VML asked us to help them produce the Kashi Plantable Book. The book not only told the story of new Kashi products — it literally became them.

Everything you needed to grow their ingredients in their products was contained in the book.

“A book about plants that becomes plants that become fuel for your active life.”

The organic text pages had seeds embedded in them, and the client was encouraged to rip out a piece of seed paper and plant it somewhere where they could watch it thrive. (Singing it love songs was optional, but encouraged.)

The tool to plant the seed was also included, the book had a thick wooden cover. The back cover was a planting spade that could be punched out and assembled.

Kashi Plantable Wooden BookNeed a pot? A sheet of coconut fiber was included that could fold up into a nifty little vessel to start the seedlings. When they were ready the whole planter could then be planted in the ground.

Next, a dirt page was included – just crumble and go.

Garden markers could also be punched out to identify the plants.

Even instant water was included!

After coming under fire for mislabeling its foods as “natural,” Kashi lost the trust of some of their biggest fans. So the company had to completely reinvent its products with more natural, plant-based ingredients. And with the Kashi plantable book, VML successfully helped Kashi re-establish trust with consumers as a brand with real, natural and completely plant-based ingredients.


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