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Homestead Mamas - Amy

Amy, Owner of Homestead Mamas Magazine

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

We are printing a new magazine for Homestead Mamas. They’re an inspiring and encouraging community of growers, hunters, foragers, and explorers.

I really enjoyed the story by Nina Mullins – The farmers Who Don’t Know Anything! “Right now, we are still in the ‘Can we make this all work?’ stage of the game. We have had many failures and losses, but also many sweet victories. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, not necessarily because caring for a tiny farm is difficult (it has its difficulties, though!), but because we are in a season of life where we are getting up early to do all the morning farm chores.

Then we take kids to their homeschool co-op and various activist afterwards, all while trying to work our jobs in between it all to put food on the table. We started all this craziness in our 40’s! And our poor kids… they were living the easy life of school, play and sleep. Then their parents decide to start a farm, and suddenly, they are helping feed chickens, they’re milking cows and mucking stalls.”

Homestead Mamas Magazine Homestead Mamas Magazine

Homestead Mamas Recipes

Homestead Mamas MagazineThere are wonderful recipes from Homestead Mamas – Wild Mushroom Risotta, Pizza Dough, Chevre and Chive Quiche and Saturday Morning Pancakes, my favorite.
View the Recipes

I welcome this magazine as a place for women all over the world, in every stage of motherhood, homesteading, or providing for their families to gather.

Follow them on Instagram – they have over 75M followers!

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