Mascot Update – Frankie’s First Christmas!

Frankie's First ChristmasBy Frankie Bean, Mascot and Instagram Model at MEDiAHEAD

December is a big month for me! My first Christmas with my mom and dad and my very 1st Birthday! Bark-hoooo!

My dad, Bill Mitchell, also has his birthday on December 24th. (What a rip-off because he only gets one present.)

It’s been a wonderful year getting to know everyone in the office.

Most of the time, I walk around with my long leash on, so that people can step on it if I try to go crazy and run away. I haven’t learned how to jump on Kat’s desk, like Izzy did, so I’m not getting any extra food.

FrankieI’m looking forward to the holidays, my parents always drop lots of food while they’re cooking, and I get lots of pats from all the relatives.

I also hope this year I have helped my mom and dad and everyone at the office feel okay after Izzy passed – we sure do miss her.

Love to all,


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