Carly Young: From the Delivery Room to MEDiAHEAD

Post Author: Carly Young, Senior Project Manager

I often refer to my project management career as my second career. When I first got out of high school, I worked as an aid for a hospital clinic, and eventually took a job in the labor and delivery unit as a scrub tech.

As a scrub tech, my main job was to prepare delivery rooms and assist the physicians and nurses in the delivery.

I anticipated their needs (such as handing them gloves, instruments, etc.) and potential problems. Most importantly, I made sure that the nurse or doctor had what they might need in case of an emergency.

As I prepared rooms, I would often feel the eyes of the patient and family fixed on me as I pulled out everything we needed for the delivery and set things up in the room.

Most of the time, those fixed stares were of first-time parents, wondering what they were in for. I would calm a lot of fears during this time, often explaining things and assuring them that everything was going to be just fine.

As I transitioned into my second career as a Senior Project Manager at MEDiAHEAD, I learned that preparing a delivery room was a lot like project management.

I’m routinely organizing projects and people. I anticipate problems and determine what we can do to make sure they don’t happen…or if they do, what we can do to fix them.

But mostly, I’m here to calm fears. I assure clients that their baby, the project they’ve worked on for months, will be produced not only on time, but also within budget.

And of course to assure them, like so many of the babies before them, that their project will be the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen!

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