Everyone is just trying to be the best that they can be right now.

By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

This simple sentence is a philosophy that came from Patrick Mahomes when asked how he remained so calm during the Super Bowl. It’s the ability to make emotions work for you, instead of against you.

We all need this time to decide how we are going to pivot and re-focus our goals, both in business and at home.

Stepping Up

It warms my heart to see so many companies giving their time and expecting nothing in return.

I’ve done Zooms with Novella Brandhouse on marketing, Grant Gooding with PROOF Positioning on narrowing your focus and the Women Who Mean Business on pivoting and refocusing on what small businesses can do to survive.

MEDiAHEAD is continuing to print and distribute adult and child coloring books to non-profits here in KC.

Little girl with a MEDiAHEAD coloring book

We also have a new fun COVID19 comic book that Scott Emmons wrote and produced with eleven local artists that contributed illustrations.

Coloring Book 11 Artists

We’ve continued to print 3D N95 masks for KU nurses and now a funky little thing that you can use to open the door for a fun giveaway.

Special thanks to Rieger Distillery

The hometown hero is Andy Rieger, owner of J Rieger Distillery. Four weeks ago, when they lost nearly all of their normal revenue streams overnight, their team rallied to quickly pivot their entire business to hand sanitizer in 36 hours. They had the first bottle of sanitizer to the public on March 19. Because of the hand sanitizer, 65 hard working members of their team have remained employed full time. In just over three weeks they have produced and distributed 200,000 individual bottles of hand sanitizer… that’s 72,000 gallons! They have also given/donated 20,000 liters of hand sanitizer to hospitals and first responders.

Rieger's Hand Sanitizer

We are pivoting this week to bottling Rieger’s Remedy with a co-branded logo for our customers, available in 1 and 2oz. We are also supplying our portal clients “back to work kits” with masks, protective eye-wear, gloves and hand sanitizer.

It’s very stressful at work, but I’m having the most fun being cooped up with John and Amy.

Cheese Board during COVID19

We’ve planted a huge garden, played games, puzzles and fun trivia with The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. We have spent so much time in the backyard, which we never did before. Cocktails at 6pm with cheese from The French Market on our deck has become our daily ritual.


From my friend Becky Blades – “in the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

Becky Blades' Artwork


Stay safe and healthy!

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