Hint Water – We Love It!

By Michele Stilwell, Director of Marketing and Accounting at MEDiAHEAD

MEDiAHEAD: Hint WaterHave you heard about Hint Water? Founder Kara Goldin developed hint water back in 2005.

Kara was fed up with the sugar preservatives found in juices so she decided to create a healthier drink in her own home. She sold it directly from her garage. And it was a success!

Hint also sells sunscreen. Kara actually found an ingredient in some sunscreens that actually causes skin cancer, so… true to form, she developed her own sunscreen. The sunscreen has a protection rating of SPF 30 and has the same essences used in the Hint water. It is healthier and smells like fruit!

Our fearless leader, Kat McDaniel, went to an event where Kara was speaking. So inspired by Kara, Kat started drinking Hint water while going through her cancer treatments. One of the side effects of her treatment was dry mouth, and man did she go through the Hint water. I would go into her office and see a recycle bin full of empties every week.

So I started drinking Hint water too.

And….. I love it!

So why Hint water over other products? Well there are several reasons:

  • Hint delivers refreshment without sugar, diet sweeteners, calories or preservatives.
  • Their water brands are NON-DMO certified and WHOLE30 approved.
  • They are vegan and contain no MSG, nuts, soy or gluten.
  • The bottles are BPA-free and they continuously improve on bottling to reduce the amount of plastic and other non-renewable resources they use.
  • Hint water is infused with delicious hint fruit essences and are available in still, sparkling and caffeinated still varieties.
  • There are several flavors to choose from.

You can find these great products on their website at https://www.drinkhint.com/

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