Is Brand Security for Package Printing Important to You?

Brand protection is one of top three concerns for brand owners, when considering their package printing. With HP Indigo Invisible Electrlnks, we can print your labels with digitally invisible features to protect your product from counterfeiting.

Inks only visible under common UV light, without a need for a specialized reader is now possible for covert brand protection features.

Case Study: Alpha Neon

Is Brand Security for Package Printing Important to You?Alpha Neon, a food supplement manufacturer, experienced a 40% drop in sales over a three-month period, due to an influx of imitations of their products. Alpha therefore wanted to introduce a new look, with a label that would be impossible to copy and would incorporate security features.

Their solution was that each label, printed on a 6800 HP Indigo Digital Press using the HP SmartStream Designer, contains a unique code that enables consumers to authenticate the product via e-mail or SMS. (And we recently acquired this amazing label and packing solution at MEDiAHEAD!)

In addition, Invisible Blue ElectroInk was used on the logo and on the word ‘Darkside’. The sellers receive UV lights to shine on the products to allow them to immediately recognize the authentic ones.

For the relaunch – UV strips were also applied to the shelves in stores. And as an added security measure, digital varnish was applied to the label, which created a tactile finish that is difficult to replicate.

Alpha Neon was thrilled with the labels and saw an increase in sales almost immediately after launching their product back into the market.

We can now offer a vast portfolio of unique and exclusive security solutions, due to the wide variety of inks, substrates and the power to give each product a unique ID!

To learn more about how this technology can help you with your next project, please give us a call!

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