Label Trends for 2024


By Kat McDaniel, Principal at MEDiAHEAD

Brands that use labeling are going through some big changes this year to gain market share.

They’re not just thinking about cool designs, but are incorporating some new design trends to connect with their customers. Some of the trends shaping the industry include QR codes, anti-counterfeiting, sustainability, and inclusivity.

The biggest trend in packaging is reduction of plastic, using glass, paper, aluminum, or materials that facilitate easier recycling. Labels can be printed and removed during recycling, unlike printed plastic.

Custom Labels

Custom labels are also gaining momentum – allowing customers to personalize their jars or having multiple designs that they can collect. J. Rieger just launched vodka sodas with vintage Tiger designs that are collectable.

Rieger Tigers Labels

QR Codes

The emergence of interactive labels through QR codes has connected the customer to the brand’s social media presence. By scanning the codes, consumers can gain instant access to a wealth of information about the product, fostering a deeper connection with the customer.

Anti-Counterfeiting Labels

Anti-Counterfeiting Labels

Because counterfeiting is rampant, manufactures of labels must work with customers to keep their products safe. Using invisible ink or tamper-evident labels are a must to protect the band’s reputation. If a consumer buys a counterfeit brand, they can lose all confidence in the product and not purchase it again.

Need some fresh ideas?

If you involve our production team early in the creative process, it will lead to the best outcome. Collaborating with us opens many possibilities that a designer may not be aware of. Die-cuts, foils, and embossing can enhance he creative message you are trying to get across.

Red Dog BBQ Label

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